Tank Trucks

Our fleet of tank trucks are equipped to haul produced water, petroleum crude oil, emulsion and invert.  We have units that are equipped with scrubbers to haul sour fluid safely.

Combo Vac

Our Combo Vac combines the best features of a vac truck with a steamer/boiler/pressure washer system.  It is one of the most important tools for turnaround and plant work.  Our modern fleet is equipped with zero entry tank and vessel cleaning (Gamajet) which makes tank cleaning safe and efficient.  It can safely clean up and transport hazardous and non-hazardous waste from site to the appropriate disposal facility.

Maintenance Crew

McLean Environmental offers highly trained and skilled maintenance crews for your day to day plant and turnaround service. Each crew is equipped with a fully tooled light picker service truck and helper. Our crews are quickly dispatched and on route to help decrease your down time and keep costs to a minimum.

Straight Vac

Projects involving large volumes of waste material are ideal for a Straight Vac. They can also be used for fluid transfers, tank cleaning, land spreading, shipping of waste products, drilling mud and a variety of solids.

Water Truck

Our fresh water truck can be used for dust suppression, filling pipelines and rig tanks.

Turnaround Services

With McLean Environmental ‘s fleet of equipment we are able to provide cost effective and efficient services for turnaround jobs. We have the right equipment, the right people and the knowledge to safely complete any task.

Mobile Steamer

Our Mobile Steamer units are perfect for thawing/heating lines, vessels and valves. It can also be used for culvert thawing & flushing, heavy equipment washing, rig cleaning and freeze up stand-by.

Hot Water and KCL Sales & Delivery

McLean Environmental offers Hot Water and KCL sales directly out of our Valleyview yard. We are outfitted with a gas fired dual burner system to meet high capacity needs and our water temperature can be shipped at any temperature our clients request. The 19% KCL is stored in a heated 400 bbl system and can be mixed to whatever concentration needed. We also have inhibitor and clay stabilizer stored onsite.